How To Brew the Perfect Cup of Black Tea

Black tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant and offers a number of health benefits, in addition to having the most caffeine of any tea (but still less than coffee) and a strong, robust flavor. Black tea boasts antioxidant properties, is easy to make, and tastes delicious. To properly brew black tea, heat the water for your tea to boiling (212° F). Place about 1 ½ to 2 teaspoons of the black tea of your choice in an infuser of some type, like a reusable muslin bag, a mesh tea ball, or ,a fun, whimsical animal infuser. Allow the tea to steep for three minutes, but no more, or the tea will be bitter, due to the tannins that occur naturally in tea.

The Many Benefits of Tea:

  • Helps heart health
  • Contains antioxidants
  • May fight cancer
  • May boost immunity
  • Fights inflammation
  • May decrease risk of type 2 diabetes
  • May help prevent cognitive diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

How To Brew the Perfect Cup of Green Tea

Green tea is actually the same plant as black tea, but while black tea is fully oxidized (which is what gives the tea its characteristic black color), green tea leaves are steamed and never oxidized very much. Green tea is high in flavonoids, which have been found to lower cholesterol and blood pressure and triglycerides.

Green tea should be steeped at 175° F for no longer than three minutes, or it may become bitter due to the tannins in the tea. Use 1-2 teaspoons of tea, depending on your flavor preference. Green tea is more delicate than black tea, so it needs a little bit of special treatment.

Green tea also includes matcha tea, which is very finely ground whole leaves of the tea bushes that grow in the shade. Because drinking matcha involves consuming the tea leaves themselves once they are mixed with water, it has been said that consuming 1 cup of matcha is like consuming 10 cups of regular green tea.

To brew matcha, heat water to boiling (212° F), or, use steamed milk, and sift ¼ teaspoon into a cup to get rid of any lumps. Pour in two ounces of the water or milk, then, using a matcha whisk or small regular whisk, whisk briskly from side to side until the matcha is completely dispersed, and there is a layer of foam on top. Pour in another 6 ounces of boiling water or steamed milk and whisk again until foamy. Sweeten to taste with honey, maple syrup or any either sweetener if you’d like.

Tea has been, historically, one of the most important trade items in the world. Wars have been fought over the tea and spices trade, nations born and collapsed because of these economies. The tea trade between Asia and Europe began in the 16th century, and Britons began drinking tea in the 17th century. The Boston Tea Party is well known as one of the most significant events in the American Revolution, which resulted in defeat of the British colonial forces and the liberation of the American Republic. While tea was most certainly emblematic of much larger issues in the American colonies, such as taxation without representation, it was an important enough part of both the American and British economies to go to war over. Fortunately, the tea trade between Europe, Asia and the Americas would move into a relatively peaceful state shortly thereafter, and has been there ever since.

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How to Brew The Perfect Cup of Herbal Tea

Herbal tea, sometimes referred to as a tisane, is a type of tea made by brewing combinations of herbs, fruit, spices, flavorings and other such additions. Herbal tea doesn’t actually contain actual tea most of the time, meaning the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Because it undergoes a similar brewing process, however, and can be supportive and aid in health concerns and issues, we generally just think of it as tea.

To brew the perfect cup of herbal tea, bring the water to boiling (212° F), and use 1-2 teaspoons of herbal tea, depending on your flavor preference. You can steep it for 5-6 minutes or even a little longer, since it doesn’t have the tannins that black or green tea have, and won’t become bitter from a 7-8 minute steep. Herbal tea may help in a number of ways, from assistance with sleep and tension, and stress management and relaxation, to helping with your digestive system and brain function, and even reducing pain and soreness.

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Black Tea

1-2 tsp 212° 3 minutes

Green Tea

1-2 tsp 175°3 minutes

Herbal Tea

1-2 tsp 212°

Tea offers an amazing number of health benefits